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Industrial Cooling Fans (Cooling Discs)

We specialise in the manufacture of fan component parts, including fan motor cooling discs. Some people call these aluminum components, spinners, heat slingers or just CD's for short. As you can see from our drawings there are two types of cooling disc.
  • Our standard type, which are bored to your spec, has two    drilled and taped securing holes
  • Our split type, which are split in half then drilled and tapped to    fix the two half's together
Why should I use split type cooling discs?
The standard type cooling disc is assembled to a shaft by sliding the cooling disc over it during the assembly stage. Occasionally it is not always convenient to fit the disc during the assembly stage. We design split type cooling discs to be fitted after the main assembly - this also helps when the need arises to replace the component. We offer stock a large range of standard cooling discs. However we can also machine any non standard diameters you may require. Please see below for the standard cooling disc availability.

The main use for cooling discs is for extra motor cooling. In many fan applications the motors can be subjected to more heat than you may want them to endure. Good examples include Bifurcated fans in inline heating systems and Plug fans on industrial ovens. Some of the cooling disc's we have manufactured have been used as an integral part of fan's, used within a wide range of industrial processes (see industries).

Cooling Disc Material:
All of the cooling discs are pre-cast in aluminum, which is a good conductor of heat and thus dissipates more effectively.

Standard Stock Cooling Disc Sizes
All of the cooling disc's can be machined to your specific requirements. e.g.. outside diameter, width and bore sizes to suit your requirements.
>> see size chart

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Cooling spinners spec sheet
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