Impeller Plain Bore Hubs / Fabricated Hubs

Fabricated Fan Hub / Impeller Plain Bore Hub

We have been specialising in the manufacture of fan component parts, including plain bore impeller hubs, from our workshops in Birmingham for over 25 years. As you can see from our drawings , the hubs can be made to any specification you require. All the hubs are bored to your specifications and will usually have a parallel or taper keyway and a drilled and taped securing hole. All have a location on one side and some have a location on both sides, depending on the design of your fan and impeller.

All hubs are used as a connection between the fan impeller and the fan motor shaft itself. When designing an impeller hub, consideration should be taken to make sure the back plate of the hub is big enough to give the impeller support.
The plane bore hubs fall into two categories.
  • The smaller type that are made from one solid piece of steel
  • The larger type are made using a plasma cut back plate welded to a cut stub
Fabricated hubs are used as a cost effective way to manufacture the larger hub or the more unusual hubs with longer bores. Our hubs have been integrated into thousands of impellers and many different industrial fan applications. The pharmaceutical, chemical, car and coating process industry are typical examples. In high temperature applications, impellers are used for paddling air in ovens.

The majority of our hubs are manufactured in mild steel although virtually any material can be used including stainless steel.

Standard Stock:
All of our hubs with the exception of the taper lock range are machined to order and will be manufactured to your specific requirements.
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Fabricated steel hubs spec sheet
Download spec sheet for Fabricated Hubs

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