mason taper lock hubs

Mason Taper Lock Hubs (MTL's)

We have been manufacturing MTL hubs for impellers, from our workshops in Birmingham for over 10 years.

Initially we designed the MTL Hubs to fit in to our extensive range of forward curved multi-vane impellers.

As you can see from the drawings, the MTL HUB has been designed with a larger back plate than most; this is to give our MV impellers more support on the back plate, thus providing a more stable impeller. Some companies have taken advantage of our manufacturing flexibility and purchase Taper lock hubs manufactured to their specific specification to fit into their own products.

All the MTL hubs are machined to accept the standard range of taper lock bush which are readily available on the shelf at most bearing suppliers. (All MTL hubs have a standard location on both sides and are pre-Drilled, thus enabling flexibility when designing your finished product.


Although we use the taper lock hub and bush as a connection between the fan impeller and the fan motor shaft, the taper lock hub has endless applications. The reason most people prefer using the taper lock hub and bush, is the speed and ease of fitting and removal. One of the advantages of the taper lock is during maintenance.

Most impeller applications held to a shaft with a taper lock, are more easily removed because of the unique design of the taper lock bush witch incorporates a bush extraction hole, this enables a much easier removal.

Numerous different hubs manufactured by us have been integrated into hundreds of thousands of impellers and used in many different industrial fan applications. Fan's using these impellers have been installed in a wide range of industrial processes worldwide. Some of the fans have been installed within the pharmaceutical, chemical, car manufacturing and coating process industry.

All the MTL hubs are manufactured from mild steel.

Standard Stock:
As you can see from the specification sheets we manufacture six standard MTL hubs. We keep all the sizes in stock.
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Mason Taper Lock Hubs Hubs

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