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Below is a list of our product.
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multi-vane impellers
Used to move large quantities of air at low speeds. veiw product>>
Designed to move lower quantities of air at a much greater speed. view product>>
fabricated hubs
Usually have a parallel or taper keyway and a drilled and taped securing hole. view product>>
mason taper lock hubs
Designed with a larger back plate than most to give our MV impellers more support on the back plate. view product>>
Most fan shafts are used in single inlet v–belt driven fans, or double inlet, double width fans. view product>>
shaft extentions
Machined with a turned down end and are bore concentric with one another for greater accuracy. view product>>
cooling spinners
Also called aluminum components, spinners, heat slingers or just CD’s for short. view product>>
backward curved impellers
Also referred to As B.C. impellers and backward sloping impellers. view product>>
paddle blades
Used in many applications but it is mainly used for conveying dust, wood, paper, refuse even cotton waste. view product>>
aerofoil impellers
It is ideally suited to general ventilation projects where there is no possibility of dust contamination. view product>>
We supply key plates, shafting collars and stubs. view product>>