Shaft Extentions

Shafts Extensions

We have been specializing in the manufacture of fan component parts, including fan shaft extensions from our workshops in Birmingham for over 25 years.
  • All shaft extensions are machined with a turned down end and are bore concentric with one another for greater accuracy
  • Shaft extensions will also have a keyway both externally and internally if required
  • As there are hundreds of different combination's to choose from, we manufacture all shaft extensions to order and to our customer's designs
  • This process is not time consuming and we can have the finished product ready within hours if necessary
  • We can offer a range of standard size, stock diameters to select from, however we can also machine any none standard
Customers use shaft extensions for many fan applications the majority are used in Bifurcated fans and Plug fans. Generally where the motor shaft needs to be kept out of the fan air flow. Some are also used as long extensions into ovens, when connected to an impeller they are used to re-circulate the air.

Over the years our shaft extensions have been used in many different industrial fan applications. Some of our fan shaft extensions have been used as an integral part of fan's, used within a wide range of industrial processes all over the world. Some of the fans have been installed within the pharmaceutical, chemical, car and coating process industry.

Shaft Extension Materials:
Although we can manufacture shaft extensions from any type material specified by our customers, the majority of shafts fall in to two main categories...
  • *Mild Steel
  • **Stainless Steel
*For all mild steel shaft extensions we use EN1A Free cutting material.This particular material has the specific qualities for ease of machining, both with conventional and CNC turning. We are able supply our customers' requirements from our extensive in house stock of steel. If you have a requirement for a quantity of shaft extensions we can offer CNC turning (p.o.a.)

**We can manufacture shaft extensions in any of the specialist high temperature stainless steels that our customers may require and we are happy to advice on applications if needed.

NOTE: As operational stress', such as oxidisation rates, cyclonic heating, cooling rates, chemical/acidic exposure and flame exposure etc... Vary from job to job. We cannot guarantee these temperatures. All of the variants listed above affect the maximum operating temperature of each individual product. All "Maximum Recommended Operating Temperatures*" are guidelines based on components that we manufacture for current customers. For more Information, or if you are unsure please contact us

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Shaft Extensions spec sheet
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