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S & R Mason Engineering Co. has been manufacturing shafts for various engineering and industrial applications since the company was established over 35 years ago. We have been specializing in the manufacture of fan component parts, including fan shafts from our workshops in Birmingham for over 25 years.

Our shafts are used for many specialist applications. Most fan shafts are used in single inlet v-belt driven fans, or double inlet, double width fans; however some of our component parts including fan shafts can be found in various other applications all over the world. From Giant Aluminum annealing furnaces, in Greece, to the extraction fans on the roof of McDonalds. Centrifugal fans in Poland, to damper shafts in the control equipment on the fans extracting fumes from New Street Railway Station.

Each shaft is made to order to your exact specifications from Mid Range Carbon Steel (EN8) or CEAX 208 equivalent. We can also supply rectangular parallel, square or gib head keys.

Shaft Materials:
Although we endeavor to manufacture shafts from any type material specified by our customers, the majority of our shafts are manufactured from 3 main types of metal.
  • Mid Range Carbon Steel (EN8) or CEAX 208 equivalent
  • Stainless Steel
  • High temperature nickel based alloys
Note: All shafts can be supplied with certificate of analysis where required

Shaft Material Selection (Temperature)view pdf

We carry a large variety of stock in both metric and imperial sizes that we can machine to your specifications.

Note: We are not limited to producing shafts from stock sizes as our facilities are capable of manufacturing shafts up to 300m Dia x 3000m Long.

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